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This is a simple exercise you can use to find out your strengths and weaknesses. It is fun but can be surprisingly accurate.

It consists of FIVE shapes. I do NOT want you to think too deeply or intensely about the shapes below. Just choose the shape you like best (or your eye is drawn to) and then choose the next one your eye is drawn to. After you have chosen simply find the combination of shapes you have chosen and CLICK. 

Each of the shapes have positive and negative sides. Your first choice, which we call your dominant shape, is what the  reveal is based on mainly and the secondary choice adding information backing up your dominant.

Do NOT worry about the negative side of any shape as we all have ‘downsides’ that are part of who we are and the purpose of my MindCircles products and services is to help you turn your negatives into positives.


The greatest discovery is to recognise that you can alter your life by altering your attitude

(William James, American Psychologist)

Now choose from the grid below the image showing your first and second choice